Mountain Bike Trails


The Titcomb Mountain singletrack mountain bike trails wind up and down Titcomb Mountain several times and feature switchbacks, rock and log challenges and bridges. The trails can be ridden as described below or sections can be cut-off or added to by using the ski trails, which are also open to bike use in the summer. All trails are two-way so watch for oncoming traffic.

Many bikers begin on the trail farthest to the right when looking at the downhill ski slopes. This trail climbs the north side of the mountain with multiple switchbacks. The trails at the top of the mountain loop in between and cross the nordic ski trails multiple times before going descending to a small forest stream. The trail then approximately parallels, with some switchbacks and nordic trail crossings, the Whistle Stop trail for 0.7 miles. This is the wettest section of trail at Titcomb and can be avoided if the trails are wet by riding back to the lodge area on the Whistlestop trail.

The trail emerges onto the nordic trails at a large intersection named Meeting Place. Bikers can proceed back to the lodge area by proceeding straight across the nordic trail and over (or around) a built rock challenge to continue on the single-track. There are fun berms as well as a loopy wooded pump track between Meeting Place and the lodge. Bikers can also turn left onto the nordic trail and follow the trail uphill. Bikers should take the first left then go down and up and relatively quick hill. This section is marked by signs with red arrows on a yellow background. The singletrack begins again 0.25 miles from Meeting Place with a section of relatively technically challenging sidehill. The trail then crosses the nordic trail again and then climbs up, with switchbacks, toward the Cocoa Hut. 

Just before the Cocoa Hut, the single-track turns right to go downhill for a fun, steep turny section before settling into wider turns that, again, loop in between and across the nordic trails. This section features a series of built crossings over a historic rock wall. The trail then emerges onto the nordic trails again. Bikers should turn left and then right to reach more singletrack. Up the hill, the single track diverges to the right for another short section with some technical challenges before emerging back onto the nordic trail near the top of the mountain. Bikers can follow the nordic trails back over to the downhill slopes for a view and to follow the singletrack downhill as it switchbacks across the slopes.  


Parking for the Titcomb Mountain bike trails is located at Titcomb Lodge. Travel west on US-2 from the US-2 and Me-27/4 intersection in Farmington. At the first stoplight, turn right on Bridge Street. proceed straight through the 4-way stop sign. Turn left on Morrison Hill Road at the bottom of the hill. After 0.6 miles, the access road to Titcomb, Ski Slope Road, is on the left. Proceed down this road to the end. Please park in the first lot to the right.


There is a cash box at the trailhead sign. We appreciate your donations towards trail maintenance and keeping the porta potty tidy. 


The Titcomb Mountain Bike Trails are open to fatbiking in the winter. However, the trails should not be ridden when the snow is soft as they cross the nordic ski trails multiple times. A fee is charged for all winter use and can be paid in the lodge. 


The mountain bike trails at Titcomb Mountain were built and designed by volunteers with CeMe Nemba. For questions regarding the mountain bike trails, please contact them using the information below.

Titcomb Mountain is run by the non-profit Farmington Ski Club.

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