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PRIOR to our refresher, you need to:
  • The “hybrid” refresher format consists of three steps. First, the OEC technician reviews and completes the assignments and cases in this Outdoor Emergency Care Refresher Workbook 2015 OEC Cycle B. In conjunction, the technician must complete the online portion that reviews the knowledge-based portion of the refresher and prepares the OEC technician for the skills and scenario-based refresher event that they attend in person. The Outdoor Emergency Care Refresher Workbook 2015 OEC Cycle B must be collected and reviewed by the IOR for completeness prior to completion of the refresher.
    Please make sure that you have completed the online portion (I believe there is something to print out) and also your workbook.
    I am REQUIRED to check your workbooks and your online completion certificate at the beginning of our refresher.  PLEASE have these items complete.  There will be visitors from the Maine Region NSP who will be evaluating ME on whether or not I check these documents and complete my job as the Instructor of Record.  Thank you for your assistance with this.


This report will summarize the past season of the Titcomb Mountain Ski Patrol.  Thanks to the pre-season carpentry expertise of Andy Meyer and Eric Jones, we had a much more spacious and patient-friendly patrol room to welcome the crop of 12 new and energetic patrollers who joined our patrol for this past season.  In all, our 29 members patrolled a total of over 2,600 hours and dealt with 39 separate reportable injuries (and a host of lesser problems that weren’t reduced to actual injury reports).  The always energetic Andrea Jones led all patrollers with a remarkable 185 hours on the hill, but seven others topped the 100 hour mark.

A breakdown of all 39 injuries (with skier’s names and other identifying info deleted) is available below.  A basic breakdown is as follows:

Most common injury location:                                                                                                 On Pony lift – 5; In Terrain Park – 4; On race course – 4.

By activity: Downhillers – 25; Snowboarders – 11; Cross-country skiers – 1; Non-ski walk-ins – 2.

By age: 12 and under – 20; 13-17 years old – 11; 18 years and older – 6


Adding 12 new patrollers and all the equipment necessary resulted in a significant increase in expenses this season, but the very healthy patrol financial picture made everything possible.  The following is a snapshot of the Titcomb Ski Patrol’s balance sheet as on April 1st, 2015.

$7,639    – balance on hand at end of 2013-14 Patrol Season

-6,048     expenditures during this ski season

+1,850    contribution toward National NSP dues from Farmington Ski Club

+689        income from 2 sausage cookout fundraisers

$4,130     Current balance on hand as of April 1, 2015

A breakdown of the $6,048 in expenses for the past year is as follows:

$2,070 – NSP National dues (29 Patrollers)

619 – NSP State dues

1,296 – Patrol vests (11)

563 – Radios and new mics

586 – Moore Medical Supply

358 – Building supplies to enlarge aid room

200 – Gift certificates for OEC class instructors

139 – Food for refreshers

217 – Misc. (paint, stain, brushes, rope for sleds, key copies, CPR card fees, refill O2 tanks, etc)

$6,048 Total expenses

Thanks to everyone who made this a great and safe ski season.  Please contact me if you have any questions about this report (or anything else!).

Woody Hanstein

Director, Titcomb Mountain Ski Patrol

2014-15 Compilation of Ski Patrol Incident Reports (through 3/1/15)

#1. 13-yr-old boy passed out playing foolish dizzy-game in lodge

#2. 16-yr-old boy w/ suspected fx collarbone while snowboarding on Bunny

#3. 11-yr-old boy w/ susp ankle sprain while skiing on Main

#4. 9-yr-old girl w/ susp wrist sprain while Nordic skiing on Beagle

#5. 16-yr-old boy w/ susp wrist sprain while skiing on Beagle

#6. 11-yr-old girl w/ wrist injury while skiing on Young’s Way

#7. 14-yr-old boy w/ headache from hitting slalom gate

#8. 30-yr-old woman w/ shoulder injury while snowboarding up Pony lift

#9. 15-yr-old girl w/ thumb injury from race course fall

#10. 21-yr-old woman needed bandages to dress earlier Sugarloaf chin injury

#11. 13-yr-old girl w/ cut finger while skiing up Pony lift

#12. 9-yr-old boy w/knee injury while skiing off jump by Lower Fox

#13. 16-yr-old girl w/knee injury from fall while skiing on Beagle

#14. 17-yr-old girl w/ knee injury from fall on slalom course

#15. 15-yr-old boy w/ shoulder injury while skiing off flat box in Terrain Park

#16. 19-yr-old boy w/ shoulder injury from snowboarding off jump at bottom of Bunny

#17. 6-yr-old girl w/ lower leg injury from fall going on skis up #2 T-bar

#18. 11-yr-old girl w/ arm injury while riding up Pony lift on skis

#19. 12-yr-old boy w/ wrist injury while snowboarding on________________

#20. 16-yr-old girl w/ shin injury from fall while skiing at bottom of Main

#21. 5-yr-old girl w/ shoulder injury from fall while skiing on Woods trail

#22. 8-yr-old boy w/ cuts from “prickly bush” while skiing besides Young’s Way

#23. 9-yr-old girl w/ shoulder injury while skiing in Woods trail

#24. 12-yr-old boy w/ leg injury from fall while skiing on ________________

#25. 14-yr-old boy w/ neck and back injury while snowboarding on large box on Beagle

#26. 8-yr-old girl w/ knee injury from catching ski on gate on racecourse

#27. 13-yr-old boy w/ wrist injury from snowboarding off butter box on Beagle

#28. 14-yr-old boy w/ wrist injury from snowboarding off jump on Beagle

#29. 20-yr-old man w/ dislocated shoulder from snowboarding on Young’s Way

#30. 9-yr-old boy w/ wrist injury after fall skiing down Old Jumper

#31. 21-yr-old man w/ pulled groin muscle from fall in crusty snow while skiing on Beagle

#32. 11-yr-old boy w/ chest injury after snowboarding into Pony Lift cable

#33. 11-yr-old boy w/ arm injury from fall while snowboarding on Young’s Way

#34. 10-yr-old girl w/ knee injury after fall while skiing up Pony Lift

#35. 8-yr-old boy w/ knee injury while skiing down Bunny

#36. 12-yr-old boy w/ elbow injury while skiing on Young’s Way

#37. 11-yr-old boy w/ wrist injury while snowboarding down Beagle

#38. 35-yr-old woman w/ thumb injury while skiing down Bunny

#39. 11-yr-old girl w/elbow injury while skiing down Bunny

This is the first year we will try to break down the injuries we see, and this exercise highlights the need for us to slightly improve our information gathering next season when we do our injury reports.  Fortunately, none of the injuries so far this year appear to have had serious consequences as far as we know, and interestingly, none seem to have occurred to the left of the #1 T-bar where the trails are most advanced.  We can say about our 29 incidents the following:

Most common injury site:

5 occurred riding up (or snowboarding into) the Pony List

4 occurred in the Terrain Park

4 occurred on the race course

Who got hurt:

12 years old and younger: 20 injuries

Between 13-17 years old: 13 injuries

Over 18 years old: 6 injuries

Doing what:

Downhill skiers: 25

Snowboarders: 11

X-C skiers: 1

Non-ski: 2

SKI PATROL HOURS – 2014-15 SEASON (Including Refresher)

Jim Baldwin – 72.5

Chris Berry – 81.75

Jan Brinkman – 80 (all training)

Monica Clark – 100.25

Kathryn Clement – 82.75

Mark Cyr – 37.5

Andy Forester – 178.75 (including 80 hours training)

Neil Foss – 74.75

Nichole Goodspeed – 75.75

Ben Hanstein – 70

Woody Hanstein – 159.25

Rick Hardy – 141.5

Andrea Jones – 185.25

Eric Jones – 128

Jim Kidder – 125

Jeff Kidder – 61.5

Tracy Knapp – 103

Tirzah Lanoie – 93

Scott Lindsey – 43

Andy Meyer – 85.75

Cathy Morton – 50

Jen Pageot – 89.25

Josh Robbins – 92.75

Megan Roberts – 14

Andy Sylvester – 32

John Whitney – 44.5

Velda Yamashiro – 46.25

Melissa Yeaton – 52.25

Nathan Yeaton – 83.25

Neal Yeaton – 83.5

Niki Yeaton – 60.75



MAR PAT0001 (2)

We are ready for you! These are some pictures of our ski patrol training session …


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.25.30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.25.06 AM


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