Titcomb Mountain has been the focus of winter recreational activities for Franklin County residents for over eighty years.  You may have been a member of a championship high school ski team, or you may have ridden the T bar for the first time as a youngster, or you may have chased your best friends out on the nordic trails, or toasted marshmallows in the ski hut, or challenged yourself in the Dartmouth cup race, or created a downhill dummy or watched your children ski or ride in the learn to ski and snowboard school or volunteered in the commissary. These experiences that touched your life have also been important to many others.  You can help ensure that future generations can continue to make the same memories by supporting the Titcomb Ski Club Educational Foundation, which is a 501 (C)(3) charitable organization .

There are many ways you can support the Foundation including:

■ A simple gift of cash. Just send your tax-deductible check to:

Titcomb Ski Educational Foundation, PO Box 43, Farmington, Maine 04938

■ Gifts of stocks or bonds

■ Donations directly from your IRA, from which you must take minimum annual distributions

■ Charitable trusts

■ Memorial gifts

You may choose to include the Titcomb Ski Club Educational Foundation in your Will. Including an organization in your Will is called a bequest. A bequest can take the form of:

■ An outright gift of a specified amount

■ A percentage of your estate

■ The remainder of your estate after making specific gifts to family and friends

To explore how you can best help yourself and Titcomb, you should consult with your Tax adviser, Financial planner and/or your Attorney.

Titcomb Ski Club Educational Foundation qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) operating to benefit Titcomb Mountain and The Farmington Ski Club. The Foundation provides opportunities for instruction, coaching, training and enjoyment for alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing and other outdoor winter activities. Our goal is to support the development of learn to ski programs by providing equipment, supplies, and financial support where necessary in or to increase participation in outdoor winter activities for Farmington area youth. The Foundations has given thousands of dollars in scholarship monies to hundreds of kid’s participation in learn to ski, snowboard and Nordic ski programs at Titcomb Mountain. These programs include: Saturday Ski/Snowboard School, Bill Koch, Nana Webber, Snow-Cat & FAST racing programs. Our scholarships help the financial burden for both program fees and equipment rentals. Thank you for your support

For more information or questions about planned giving, on behalf of the Titcomb Ski Educational Foundation, please call
Titcomb Mountain, 207 778-9031
Ron Aseltine, Attorney, 207-645-2997