Dummy Downhill 2021


Register Your Dummy ONLINE – Dummy Downhill Sign Ups

The Dummy Downhill will take place on Saturday, March 20th at 1 PM!
This is a fun event that involves creating a character that will go through a series of tests with the hopes of being crowned the champion!

The dummies will be judged in the following categories – originality or most creative, best workmanship, fastest time, longest distance, most spectacular crash, the overall winner.
We will also have a second event for the dummies. Any dummies that survive the first run down the straight-away, may be entered in a jump competition.

Entry Fee = $5.00
Dummies are not allowed to weigh more than 75 lbs.
Must be a minimum of 2 feet in height.
Entrants are responsible for the cleanup and disposal of dummies.

Dummies should arrive on Event Day around 12 PM for Judging!

Please, be a team player and review our KNOW BEFORE YOUR GO guidelines before arriving at the Mountain.
Any additional questions give us a call – 778-9031